Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well if you read my spring break post you know that i went to sea world! My family is SO crazy and we love to take weird, fun pictures any time anywhere. So michelle is the only one that brought a camera so im going to steal some pics from her(sorry michelle)! These arent all of the pictures but michelle should have all of them up as soon as she updates! This is me, my cousin, and my two crazy sisters at sea world!


My Sisters THINK they are funny so they like
to take pictures like this! I love them!! They are so crazy!



This thing was FAT!!!

Really Funny Mime

Alright so there was this show called sesame street 4D that we
decided to go see! It was pretty hot and we waited a long time in
line but it gave us a chance to take some pictures!

So we FINALLY get inside and get these cool glasses
and of course we had to take a picture! But it isnt as easy as
it sounds for everyone to actually get in the picture!

Where am I???

Almost there......

There we go! I like this picture of all of us!

When we finished with the 4D show we went to go see the
rays. They were so active and were out of the water all the time!
It was crazy!

My cousin got to touch the shark that was in the pool. I
wish i could have but it was gone by the time i got over there!

Next we hit the Dolphins. It was pretty dumb because they
have the feeding area roped off from the non feeding area so
they never even came close enough for us to touch them!

This is My sister trying to decide whether or not
she wants to ride this fake dolphin.

And ofcourse she does! haha

They had this thing where you hold your breath and it times
you to see how long you can go. My sister just took pictures
of me and my cousin doing it but not of the final time.
I think my cousin got in the forties and i got like 44.

Well some of my friends were at seaworld and they
didnt know i was there. So i went to surprise them while my
sisters and my cousin went to the arctic. But i didnt miss much...
i mean cmon who wants to see a couple of sleeping bears?
but I am kinda bummed that we never went on the wild arctic

The starfish are probably one of my favorite things to do
at seaworld! You get to hold them and stuff and they feel
funny in your hand.


Friday, March 28, 2008


Oh man my spring break was insane!! So i started it out by going to California with my friend Jarom and his family! It was tons of fun! Monday and Tuesday we hit the beach (it was freezing!! But so much fun!) and then wednesday they took me to Knotts berry farms for the first time! Then on Friday we hit the beach again! it was pretty much just a way fun and busy week! The Mcdonalds (jaroms family) are great and i am so grateful that they took me along with them! So on Friday ( a week after being with Jarom) my mom comes and picks me up in oceanside and we drive to where my cousins live which is about two hours away from the beach! So that night my two sisters and my dad drive to the town that my cousins live in and when they get there my sisters and i decide that we wanted to go to sea world... so what did we do? we went to sea world! I love my parents! we woke up the next day and drove two hours back to san diego and had tons of fun at sea world! Its probably one of my favorite amusement parks of all times! That night we drove back to our cousins and got home at about 1130. I was exhausted but it was totally worth it! The next day was easter and my cousins are way big on getting together and having big family dinners to celebrate the holidays. so thats what we did and if you know my cousins you know that it was great! At about 5pm we decided to drive home so me, my sisters, my mom, and my dad all crammed into my sisters five passenger car and drove home. Snap Gina it was so much! I wish i could do it all again!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Well the moment you have all been waiting for is here!! (drum roll) Jonathan is finally updating his blog! haha just kidding im a loser! Anyways i have some free time and everyone keeps bugging me about me about updating so im updating! So yesterday I had like an eight hour rehearsal for regionals to prepare for today and it seemed like forever! But we performed today and we sounded pretty good so if there is a way to post your own music ill post some regionals songs so you can all hear. So now that that is off my chest its back to music man! I have all my lines memorized and everything is directed we just have to run and clean! We ran through the whole show yesterday(after my forever long regionals practice) and i was exhausted. On monday(presidents day) we are taking pictures and running the show twice! Im excited but its going to be a lot of work! the show is the 27th of february to the 1st of march! If anything else new happens ill update more!

While we were in Idaho this summer we went to Yellowstone and it was really awesome! Michelle and I rock climbed down to this water fall and got some really cool pictures!

K so I know this is really random but while I was in California I found this deal or no deal game on the internet and I actually won the million. Yeaya!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

This summer My parents, Michelle, and I went on a vacation and met up with some cousins. While we stayed with them we went to Eliches and lots of other fun places! This is Eliches